Idea for Homeland FANFIC!


In light of the snow storms happening on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, I thought….

What would happen if the CIA got snowed in at Langley???

This prompt is for anyone to use. My muse decided to fuck off again after an argument over pay and conditions.

Okay my little spies….

I am in a fanfic writing mood and want some ideas and prompts and whatnot…. So I want some ideas……. Send them to me and I will put a giant thing of mini fics/one-shots/drabbles on and ,maybe if I can remember my login, Archive of Our Own. I will try to do (at least) one a day until our hiatus lifts and we get more awesome Homeland episodes.

Take advantage of my awesome mood and the fact my muse is playing nice and send me IDEAS!!!

Also, If you have any questions/predictions/or want to vent….. I’m here.


Carrie and Quinn in 4x01 "The Drone Queen"


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Homeland AU:  the Bodyguard

Carrie Mathison is a young, ambitious and highly-ranked politician. Peter Quinn is her loyal bodyguard. While being highly attracted to Carrie and harboring strong feelings , he always keeps his distance. Because who is he if not goddamn professional. But all his professionalism has gone to shit after Carrie was almost killed.


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Email I sent to tumblr contact regarding the mass attack planned by 4chan

To whom it may concern,
The website known as ‘4chan’ are planning a mass attack on tumblr by posting triggering images onto tags that people with pyschological problems may frequent or tags which most people frequent on a regular basis. They are planning to try and make people who would be severely affected by such images to flip out, have panic attacks, self harm and even go as far as killing themselves or others. If you cannot stop them from attack the people who use your site then maybe the best course of action would be to temporarily shut the site down and sort out your security protocols because they are threatening to hack user accounts and use them as a platform for these images. Please, I beg of you to do something to stop them before someone gets seriously hurt.
(my name which i am keeping off here for security reasons)


Carinn for Carrie/Quinn???

Request for a fanfiction….


This goes to anyone and everyone. I was wondering if someone would write a ‘Scandal’ AU style fic for one of the following:


CarriexQuinn (we really need a ship name)


I will love you FOREVER!!!

Sort of a PR guru dealing with a huge scandal by the other person….

Ship name Ideas???

I was thinking CarriexQuinn needs a ship name....
I thought BiPolar Sniper. Or something along those lines. Any ideas will be put to a vote.